• Prasna Upanishadam - Arivai Thedi... (Tamil)
Prasna means Questions - questions that came from 6 students of Rishi Pippalada. Considered as a companion to Mandukya Upanishad, this Upanishad from Atharvana veda is known for its search towards ultimate knowledge. The six questions asked by the disciples are: Where from did the living being originated? What are the powers that are active in Man? How does it function? When man is asleep, who is awake in him? What is meditation on Om? Where is the Soul? These questions form the six chapters in the present book and are titled ? In search of knowledge, glory of prana, prana?s actions, three states of man, meditation on omkara and realization of self. The 67 verses are presented in Devanagari script, Tamil transliteration, word for word meaning, summary and commentary in Tamil. Swami Asutoshananda has provided the Tamil explanation based on Sri Sankara?s commentary as well as from other sources.

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Prasna Upanishadam - Arivai Thedi... (Tamil)

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